Dogs centre stage in run-up to Oscars

The run-up to the Academy Awards is dog-eat-dog this year because of two Jack Russell terriers – Cosmo and Uggie. Cosmo, nine, has an integral role in the film Beginners with Ewan McGregor, while Uggie, also nine, stars in Harvey Weinsteins film Artist. As the pre-Oscar award season gets into swing, media pundits and bloggers are arguing about which dog gives the finest performance. Uggie has given an interview with US TV host Ryan Seacrest. Hes also getting coverage in W, Time and Newsweek magazines, and a Consider Uggie Facebook page has sprouted. Meanwhile, Cosmo has been avoiding the paparazzi and keeping it more /br /

Actor Jeremy Renner: I was too poor to go on dates

Thor star Jeremy Renner has revealed that he gave up dating to make it as an actor. Renner, who landed the lead role in new movie The Bourne Legacy earlier this year, says he endured extreme poverty and a non-existent love life in order to crack Hollywood. I never dated, because I couldnt afford to date, he tells Details magazine. I didnt even have electricity. You try to put a positive spin on it, like, Hey, this is so sexy look at all these candles! But I loved what I was doing. The sacrifices I made in personal relationships had the biggest effect on my life. Even now, any woman would take a number two seat to my job [sic]. But The Hurt Locker star, who insists there have only been a handful of girls over the last [few] years, admits that he would like to share his life with someone special. I have a wonderful life, but it means nothing if it cannot be shared, he says. Thats all thats missing. Talking about being poor while trying to make it in Hollywood, he says: I wasnt super-happy being so poor. Eating on $10 a month probably not very good for you. But I loved what I was doing. Not every actor gives their life to do this job. Some just do it as a job. Well, its my life. And he adds that, even now that he has made it, he still has no desire for fame, saying that he sought advice from fellow actor Colin Farrell on how to handle the pressure of sudden popularity. I dont pay attention to that horse****, he says. Build em up to bring em down? Im not going on that train, my son. Im not going on that train. Ill walk. Ill take a bike. Id rather just not be /br /

Christian Bale quits Batman franchise

Christian Bale is hanging up his Batman cape. The 37 year-old told the Phillippine Daily Inquirer: I wrapped a few days ago so that will be the last time Im taking that Batman hood off. I believe that the whole production wrapped yesterday, so its all done. Everythings finished. Its me and director Christopher Nolan – that will be the end of that Batman era. Bale has starred in three Batman films under Nolans direction: 2005s Batman Begins, 2008s The Dark Knight and upcoming film The Dark Knight /br /

David Beckhams blind football game for new sports campaign

David Beckham has played football blindfolded in an attempt to understand the challenges faced by disabled players ahead of the Olympic Games in London next year. As part of his new role as the face of UK supermarket giant Sainsburys, the sportsman has shot an advert in which he plays football wearing a blindfold with the British Paralympic football team. He is seen having to hold on to a guide while trying to kick the ball across the field. The 36-year-old then attempts to score a penalty. He misses the first two but then shouts, Third one! One for luck! before managing to score. The advert is in aid of Sainsburys One Million Kids Challenge, which aims to encourage one million children of all abilities to try a Paralympic sport before the 2012 /br /

Angelina Jolie very lucky to have survived wild past

Angelina Jolie has revealed that she is lucky to still be alive after going through some darker times when she was younger. The Tourist star, who has six children with partner Brad Pitt, admitted on CBS show 60 Minutes that she used to be a dangerous risk taker and pushed her luck to the limits too many times. I went through heavy, darker times and I survived them, she says in the interview due to be broadcast in the US on Sunday. I did not die young, so I am very lucky. There are other artists and people who didnt survive certain things. When asked what those certain things were, Jolie laughed and said: I was hoping youd miss that. Nothing that I want to go into a lot of detail about, but I think people can imagine that I did the most dangerous and I did the worst, and for many reasons I should not be here. You think of those too many times where you came close to too many dangerous things, too many chances taken too far. She adds: I am still a bad girl. I still have that side of me, but it is just in its place now, it belongs to Brad. Or, our /br /

Jenny McCarthy: Ill take big noses and baldness

Jenny McCarthy has admitted that shes willing to overlook big noses and baldness in an effort to find a man. The 39-year-old previously dated Jim Carrey for five years. She said that shes having a hard time finding a blokey bloke in Los Angeles, and said she doesnt care what he looks like as long as he leaves her makeup alone. Its tough to find a mans man, she told Access Hollywood. Im from Chicago. Im from the South Side, where guys eat meat and potatoes. They dont know what a vegetarian means. Theyre a guy through and through. Out here, they want to borrow my makeup and concealer. I want to bring a little bit of importing into my life hopefully, and look for guys outside of LA. I dont care if they have a big nose, she continued. I dont care if theyre bald. Just really sweet and whos a perfect reflection of who I am now. They have to have a job. Id like them to at least be able to buy dinners and stuff like that. That is /br /

Kristen Stewart admits shes obsessed with cooking shows

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has admitted she is obsessed with cooking shows. The 21-year-old actress, who plays the role of Bella Swan in the vampire movie series, said she loves experimenting with food but thinks its really nerdy. She told UK newspaper the Daily Record: Im really obsessed with cooking. When I was doing Breaking Dawn I made soup constantly because it was freezing cold, and big pots of it so I could bring it to work and share it. I find it really dorky. Im really embarrassed by it for some reason, now the boys have spread it like /br /

Kat Von D accuses Jesse James of cheating on her?

Former LA Ink star Kat Von D may have just called out her ex Jesse James for cheating. The 29-year-old wrote on her Twitter page that shes writing another book, but it will not be about my cheating ex. There are way too many positive and inspiring things to write about instead. And when one of Kats followers asked whether she was still with Jesse, who was recently rumoured to have been unfaithful to her, the reality star replied: hell no. Although its not known if Von D was referring to James past infidelities when married to actress Sandra Bullock or if she was confirming reports that he cheated on her as well. James and Von D called off their engagement back in July before reconciling in August, only to break-up again in /br /

Kat Von D claims Jesse James cheated on her 19 times

Kat Von D has finally broken her silence about ex-fiance Jesse James, alleging he cheated on her with at least 19 women. The pair split for the second time in a year in September. The former L.A. Ink star opened up for the first time about their break-up last night, writing in a Facebook post titled Thank You, Jesse James. She wrote: Today I encountered the 19th girl to add to the list of people Jesse cheated on me with during this last year. She added: I know I deserve a big fat I told you so, from everyone, and wish I didnt have to say, You all were more right than youll ever know, but you were. Von D star says shes moving on from the toxic relationship, and is still remaining hopeful about love. She even pities Jesse, who is said to have cheated on ex-wife Sandra Bullock with a number of women, adding: I think it just made me sad today to imagine him still in that dark place – where seeking validation through the attention of women takes precedence over being a good father, a sincere friend, a better coworker, and a happy /br /

Kirsten Dunst to reunite with Orlando Bloom for new film

Hollywood stars Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom could be set to reunite for financial thriller Cities. The pair, who previously starred together in Elizabethtown six years ago, will feature in Roger Donaldsons new film alongside Clive Owen and Anil Kapoor, according to Deadline. The financial drama is a cautionary tale set in three cities in the months leading up to the Dow Jones all-time stock market high. Melancholia star Kirsten, 29, and Orlando, 34, star as a couple struggling to buy their first home together in London. Filming on the project is set to start in spring 2012, with shoots planned in Mumbai, London and New /br /

Abigail Breslin inspired to make music by new movie

Teen actress Abigail Breslin said she was inspired to make music by her new movie and is now working on an album. The 15-year-old plays the lead role in new movie Janie Jones, where she becomes her estranged musician fathers muse when they start rebuilding their relationship. Speaking about her character Janie, she said to ET: I loved Janie and the story – obviously the music aspect was cool and exciting. Afterwards, I was inspired by it and taught myself guitar, took more vocal lessons and now I have a band with my best friend. Our first song just came out. Asked about an album, she said: Yes, definitely. Were recording now. We have five songs done and were continuing to record the album. Its called CAAB – which is both of our initials. Its kind of like pop rock with a retro vibe to it. We write all the songs then Cassie [Reiff] and I perform /br /

Ben Stiller: ‘I don’t think I’m funny’


His comedies have been box office hits but Meet the Parents star Ben Stiller says he doesn’t think he’s funny. The 45-year-old has appeared in modern day classics like Tropic Thunder, There’s Something About Mary and Zoolander. But despite his string of hit movies he says he still doesn’t think he’s much of a comedian. Stiller tells the Hollywood Reporter: “I never thought I’d go into comedy. I wanted to be a serious filmmaker. “My heroes were Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. I don’t think of myself as funny.” Yet Stiller is currently promoting yet another comedy, Tower Heist, in which he stars alongside Eddie Murphy. The father-of-two has praised his co-star and thinks he will do well when he presents the Oscars next year. “He’ll be great,” says Stiller. “You need someone who knows how to be a stand-up comic. I don’t.”

Paz de la Huerta has late night scuffle with gal pal


Boardwalk Empire star Paz de la Huerta got into a scuffle with her drunken friend at the after-party for Tower Heist. The TV wildchild was at the director Brett Ratner’s late-night VIP event on Monday in New York City when she ‘accidentally spilled a drink over her friend while trying to sit down at a table,’ say witnesses. The distraught friend jumped up and burst into tears. The club’s staff rushed over with napkins to help mop up the mess and Paz grabbed her friend’s arm to apologise. But her angry gal pal only pushed her arm away and bawled all the more. A waiter handed the women bottles of water but they rapidly made for the exit and were helped into a taxi by staff. When asked about the undignified scene Paz said: “I wasn’t drunk, haven’t had a drink since March 23. I was drinking Coca-Cola.” She added that it was her friend who was acting wayward: “I brought a very dear old friend to the premiere, she’s having problems at the moment. She got wasted, lost her wallet and was crying and acting very irrational. She spilled the drink on herself, when I reached over to hold her hand to calm her down she lost it.” Paz says her friend has been sheepish since the incident. “She feels horrible about it. I made the decision for us to leave. Brett is a very good friend,” she said.

Emma Watson: ‘Make-up makes me feel less pale and English’


Harry Potter actress Emma Watson says she has become more ‘experimental’ with make-up since she cut her hair short. The 21-year-old chopped off her long locks last year and says it has made her become braver with her cosmetics choices. Emma told Stylelist: “I’m more experimental with make-up. There’s no way to hide when you have short hair. You really have to go for it.” Watson added that once she finds a product that suits her, she sticks with it. She said: “I’m a creature of habit. I like to find what works and keep buying it. I like a bronzer or blush because I am so pale and English.”

AnnaLynne McCord hates being apart from boyfriend Dominic Purcell


Actress AnnaLynne McCord says her relationship with Dominic Purcell ‘sucks’ right now as they have to spend so much time apart. The 24-year-old star of 90210 said she misses her boyfriend as he’s been spending time out in Malaysia filming new movie Vikingdom. Speaking to Us Weekly, she said: “Right now it sucks. I keep getting pictures of him in all his Viking outfits, and I’m like: ‘Are you just trying to tease me?’ He just left a week ago and it feels like a month or a year.” However she already has plans to fly out and see Dominic, her boyfriend of three months. She said: “If 90210 makes the mistake of giving me a four-day weekend, I’m going to get on a flight to go see him.”

Michelle Obama works out to Beyonce


American First Lady Michelle Obama ‘loves’ to work out to Beyonce. Michelle revealed that she finds the Countdown singer’s tunes the most motivating when it comes to exercise. The 47-year-old is currently encouraging the US to get fit with her Let’s Move Campaign. She said in a video response to questions from the ‘Let’s Move’ online audience: “I always love Beyonce, so anything fast-paced that she’s doing is a good one for me. “But I have very eclectic tastes, so my playlist on my iPod, which I listen to, runs from fast paced to a little more mellow.” The Obamas are longtime fans of 30-year-old Beyonce – the singer performed at the Neighborhood Ball celebrating the President’s inauguration.

Alec Baldwin defends capitalism at Occupy Wall Street demo


Actor Alec Baldwin came under fire for turning up to support Occupy Wall Street protestors — even though he is the “face” of a major bank. The 30 Rock star, who has declared he wants to move into politics, turned up to talk to protestors in New York. But he was reportedly denounced by some of the protesters as being a hypocrite because he is the face of Capital One — America’s eighth largest bank, which received $3.5billion in the Wall Street bailout — in its TV ads. And despite attending the demonstration to show his support, Baldwin ended up defending the banking system to the crowd. “I don’t want the capital markets to be dismantled,” he said. “I think capitalism is worthwhile, and capitalism demands the flow of money.” But many of the anti-Wall Street demonstrators were suspicious of his motives. “He came with an entourage, and he came during downtime, when it’s easier to get attention,” said Drew Biedermann, 31, after seeing Baldwin arrive. Fellow protester Bill Livsey, 48, said: “He’s a limousine liberal, but he has every right to come down here.”

Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips tie the knot


That ’70s Show star Danny Masterson and his girlfriend of eight years Bijou Phillips have tied the knot before an intimate group of family and friends in the Irish countryside. Masterson, 35, and Phillips, 31, had a formal wedding yesterday at a private castle in the beautiful setting of Tipperary. Masterson’s actor brother, Chris, served as the best man, according to Danny proposed to Bijou back in March 2009 and the pair have appeared in multiple films together throughout their careers.

Demi Moore displays thin frame at film premiere


Hollywood star Demi Moore displayed her thin figure as she attended the premiere of her new movie after allegations that her husband, Ashton Kutcher, had been unfaithful to her on their sixth wedding anniversary. The 48-year-old was at the New York screening of Margin Call last night with co-stars Kevin Spacey and Paul Bettany. Dressed in a red frock which emphasised her tiny frame, actress Demi looked as though she has lost weight since claims that Ashton, 33, allegedly cheated on her last month with a 22-year-old woman.

Susan Sarandon reportedly calls the Pope a ‘Nazi’


Actress Susan Sarandon has blasted Pope Benedict XVI during an interview at the Bay Street Theatre in the Hamptons, calling the Catholic leader a ‘Nazi.’ In an interview with fellow actor Bob Balaban yesterday, Susan discussed her 1995 film Dead Man Walking, which is based on the anti-death-penalty book by Sister Helen Prejean, a copy of which she sent to Pope John Paul II, Benedict’s predecessor. The 65-year-old said: “The last one [Pope]… not this Nazi one we have now.” Bob is said to have gently disagreed with the comment, but Sarandon repeated the remark, according to Newsday.