Criss Angel Divorces Wife for Cameron Diaz

I really didn’t see this one coming. Rumor has it that magician Criss Angel is divorcing his secret wife of five years and the reason why is Cameron Diaz. The two have been spotted out around Las Vegas over the last few months. Angel has already denied any romantic link to the actress.


His wife Joanne Sarantakos has reported that she was told to keep quiet about her marriage to Criss to boost his appeal among female fans. That sure sounds like love to me. The guy is so ridiculously full of himself. Doesn’t he understand that being attractive can quickly turn ugly when matched with a nasty attitude? Reps for Diaz insist the two only went of a few date and have no current romantic entanglements. It looks like Cameron really has a thing for egomaniacs. She did spend quite a long time with Justin Timberlake though so it must do something for her.