Britney Spears Moving to London?


Now, Britney is possibly moving to London. This is going to piss of Gwyneth Paltrow terribly, I presume. Britney feels like the only way for her to start over fresh and begin a better life with a good comeback would be to move to London. She is reportedly house-hunting there and has just returned from a trip there. This is good news for the United States. I think we’ve secretly been wanting her to leave the States for a long time and now that its being rumored, our hopes are up. With all the crotch shots and gross stories, Britney owes us! She better do us all the favor she’s owed us for a while and go away! But frankly this is the best news concerning Britney I have heard in months and these past few months have been the most turbulent of her life and a decision to move to another place like London could do her a world of good. But mind to Britney the paparazzi there too is as insane as in the US. So if you decide to continue you’re whirlwind ways then you will not be spared there either. Best of Luck!