Courtney Love Talks About Amy Winehouse


I think there comes a time in someones life when you need to re-evaluate EVERYTHING. I mean its one thing for these stars to party but if Courtney Love is calling you a cokehead, you know you have problems. I mean, through the last 15 years, Courtney Love has proved to be the biggest alcoholic drug head ever. And now she is somehow in the position to call someone else a train wreck? Yeah I think that Love thinks if she made even a small headway in quitting coke it gives her the license to talk and have a jab at others who are today facing problems similar to what she has been used to facing for a good part of her adult life. Why doesn’t she come up with a testimony and tell that she was much much worse than what Amy and the other are, why tell the truth about yourself rather than making comments about others. That’s the practice amongst all of the these Hollywood celebs, never tell about yourself and never miss a chance to have a jab at others miseries. Cool Courtney, you just sum up the fact that there no bigger bi**h in Hollywood than you.