Sheriff: Exams Show 2 Dogs Buried At DMX Home In Ariz. Had Serious Wounds


Two dogs found buried at a home belonging to rapper DMX had serious wounds, authorities investigating animal neglect allegations said Saturday. This clown should be jail! If DMX was home or not its his responsibility to make sure his dogs are taken care of. I believe DMX is into dog fighting. These guys like such weird things as a form of entertainment that I wouldn’t be surprised if he really is caught and charged with betting and conducting dig fights at his home and at professional fights scenes. Oh man, how could be living in that house of his were he knows that dead, wounded dogs have been buried and that would have always been at the back of his mind and during nights he surely be having nightmares of those dogs wanting to get a taste of his blood as revenge. He is insane, X@##@X and out of his minds, he plays such that he should be put in a chamber with mad and wild dogs hungry for 5-7 days and be let loose on him. In 5 seconds he will value of what life has given him.