Adoption and a funeral – Britney Spears


It sounds like some kind of random film title. But no, it’s what Britney Spears is up to these days. Forever in the news lately with her terrible driving ability and the loss of custody of her own two boys, a friend has revealed that Britney is in the process of adopting six-year-old Chinese twins. And arranging her own funeral. Ermm…is it me or do the two not make much sense together?Britney has three supervised visits a week with the two boys; Sean and Hayden, after ex-husband Kevin Federline won the battle for custody. A source said: “She misses her boys terribly and needs them in her life. She thinks adopting the twins is the perfect solution.”

On top of that it is said that Britney is so concerned her unhealthy lifestyle will eventually take its toll that she has forked out over $25,000 towards her funeral.

Sounds to me like Britney is slowly losing it. A 25 year old, organising her own funeral, expects an adoption agency to give her the go ahead, when a judge has ordered her to have random drug tests, and her court appointed parenting coach has slammed her mothering abilities, saying her household: “Ranged from chaotic to almost sombre with no communication at all.”

Could be a good movie plot after all.