Will Mariah Carey succeed in hiding her secrets?

One more tell-all book on the horizon???

Is it just another fucking shot at fame by getting a tell-all book from the close friends and relatives on the book stalls? Or it is typically trading-off the name of a superstar who was once associated with you by chance?

This time it’s none other than our cuttie Mariah Carey.

Reportedly, the “Touch My Body” singer is desperately trying to stop a tell-all book by her former record producer Damion ‘Damizza’ Young from publishing.

Damion had recently announced his intention to publish a book revealing his “intense four-year personal relationship” with the star.

Carey, 38, has so far played her cards safely by asking her lawyer to write an epistle to Damion, reminding him about the confidentiality agreement signed among the friends.

Madonna and Britney Spears have also been the sufferers of such tell-all books by close relatives.

Cut this crap now and find some better way to earn money or get a shot at fame!!!

Like Britney’s mom’s book, I hope the book doesn’t tell that Mariah Carey started drinking at 5, lost her virginity at 9 and took drugs at 11.

After all it’s a highly competitive world.